Devon based singer/songwriter.
I have been singing and writing songs for over forty years. I learnt to play the guitar in the sixties along with a legion of contemporaries, with the help of Bert Wheedon's excellent "Play In A Day" tutor and swapping knowledge with my fellow students. I was especially pleased when Mickey Holmes showed me the lead riff in "The Last Time" by the Stones.
In the early 70s, I started playing and singing in folk clubs and got to appreciate the songwriting and playing skills of the people on the Folk scene, such as John Martyn, Nic Jones, Martin Carthy and Ralph McTell. I started writing my own songs and playing with my friends Bill Farrow and John Turner in our band Farrow. Later, I joined a folk/rock band, Dragon's Playground (newly vacated by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Annie Lennox) and my songwriting became more mainstream. When DP disbanded, I played in various loose ensembles, encompassing genres from Punk to Country but always stayed in touch with my acoustic roots.
In 2011 I met Kathryn Bird and Sophia Colkin when they came to to make some recordings at my home and thus Devonbird was formed. After five years with Devonbird playing clubs and festivals around the UK, I made the decision to leave so that I could once again bring my own songs to the attention of the public.
I am very pleased to be recording a new album with producer Mark Tucker, to be available early next year.